Xampp- installing Apache on a different port

1. Start Xampp Control Panel via your shortcut


2.    Under Apache Hit config button and select the top one httpd.conf

3.  It should open the config file in notepad

4.  Hit Control F and type “listen 80”

5. Change the “Listen 80” to “Listen 8080”

6. Hit Control S and close notepad

7. Hit Config under the apache line again and select httpd-ssl.conf

8. This will open the config file in notepad

9. Hit Control F and type “Listen 443”

10. Change “Listen 443” to  to  “Listen 85”

11. Type “<VirtualHost _default_:443>” in the find box

12. Change it to “<VirtualHost _default_:85>”

13. Hit Control S and exit notepad

14. Back on the xampp Control window hit start on the apache line

15. Now open a browser window to this address: http://localhost:8080/dashboard/

16. If you see the screen below you did everything correctly