VA complaint summary

This is the start of my complaint against Wayne Community College

My chief concerns are:

  1. Quality of education
  2. Accreditation
  3. Post-Graduation Job Opportunities
  4. Financial Issues ( Having 10 days to repay all Pell grants )

My journey started at Wayne CC in the Fall of 2015.
I enrolled in the CIT degree.

Face Book post at start

This was the degree as outlined upon entrance.
CIT Degree

Upon enrollment, my adviser Ms. Lana Mason informed me that in the future they would be offering a Computer Programming Degree and that I should stay in this until it is offered.
In the fall I took
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers – This was taught by Ms. Lana Mason and was over all a great class to refresh my MS office Skills. Very happy with this class.
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry – This was taught by Mrs. Denise Tuck – She is an awesome instructor and the class was enjoyable
NET 125 Networking Basics – This class was taught by Mr. Glenn Royster – This was my first taste of the issues to come. I had a serious issue with how this class being taught. The lectures were fine and he is very knowledgeable. The issue I had was that the test questions did not come from the information we were taught in class. We butted heads for the entire semester in emails. His answer was always the same “Google it.” I was extremely frustrated with Google teaching me instead of the instructor.
I do not have those emails any more due to fixing my poor attitude and deleting then all in 2016 and starting fresh.
NOS 110 Operating Systems Concepts – This class was taught by Mr. Damarcus Reid – This class was very good for the students in the class. I was not a student, I could have taught this class- I just did my work.
Fall ended and I was not really that frustrated anymore, as Mr. Royster and I learned we served in the US Air Force together.
Spring 2015
CIS 115 Introduction to Prog and Logic – This class was terrible – they used this weird childish thing called Alice to teach us programming Logic. – I did my final in Java which was not taught in this class because this class was just so unrelated to Programming Logic that I begged the instructor to let me.
Here is the begging letter
Mr. Reid.
After discussing with the a few of the class member we quickly agreed that we would rather stare at an actual coding screen and work on “Real” problem solving then make a horse gallop across a 3D environment like our current assignment in Alice.
While the book goes to great length to teach variables and parameters it fails to explain how they are used in a real problem solving situation. The book also fails to explain the flow control of common programming code. I have had the luxury of old school programming classes where we all went to a gym and we lined up and were given cards with programming commands on them. Each student had to read the card of the next student in line and figure out who to pass the basketball too. The basketball served as our code marker as it passed through the program. This was in 1996 and the lesson is still fresh in my memory. We need more hands on practical examples of flow control and logic processing. The books standard method of showing a flow control on a chart is a very poor way to learn.
I spend 90 percent of my time coding animation movements then actually programming logic code. In fact the entire lesson can be lost on the student because of having to program the animation sequences.
In my opinion, we need to put down Alice and open the Net beans Java program and “Engage” the class with actual problem solving. Give us a real goal. A goal we did in the past was create a check book ledger that allowed the user to enter debts or deposits and it would display your current balance. This type of exercise was geared towards the use of variable and assignment/reassignment of variables. We are currently learning Validation programming in Alice. One could easily assign a Java assignment to create a program that randomly picks a number from 1 to 10 then lets the user guess the number displaying feedback to the user until the guess the number. This is a traditional validation coding project that will strengthen IF statements, and WHILE statements. It will also allow for the use of comparing variables.
These are only a few ideas of a way we can engage a class whose attention we are quickly loosing. The goal of the class at the end is to understand the basics of Java programming. If you are forced to use Alice as part of the course, then might I suggest that you do a project in Alice and then code the project in Java so that the actual lessons in Alice convert or transfer to a real language?
My final can be found here.
A video of the stupidity of this class can be found here.
Yet another video of the stupidity
CTS 120 Hardware/Software Support – This class was great for students who never took apart a computer – I ran a business in 2000 building custom pc’s. I was way beyond this class in knowledge, so I assisted the instructor as more of a equal to bounce ideas off of. The class had us take the A+ cert for a final and I was one of 3 that past it.

This A+ cert was expired the moment earned because the they were changing the cert the next month. This was a waste of money.
CTS 130 Spreadsheet – This was another MS office class but focused on excel – I blew thru this with ease and really only learned that MS products were very easy to use.
I got some cert for it that is irrelevant due to the version taught 2013… and it was now 2016 and the new office was out.
ENG 114 Prof Research and Reporting – This class was taught by Mrs. Rebecca Hardin and was a great class. I learned a ton about researching. WORTH THE MONEY!
NOS 130 Windows Single User – This class was a death sentence to me. Have a look at the issues highlights here. I was supposed to highlight the nice new features of windows 8 for this assignment but since we were using this thing called netlab, nothing worked well.

A nice walk thru of what a student sees for net lab and the issues

Ok, so this brings us up to the summer of 2016, as GI Bill users we have to take summer classes to stay alive. Meaning if we don’t take summer classes  we loose our housing allowance and will starve.
Database Concepts. – this was a Ms. Mason class again and it was focused on MS Access 2013. It was 2016 and the cert they offered was already expired. So acclaim would not award it.
Security Concepts – This was a Mr. Royster class – It was still full of you tube teaching and google it answers. But I adapted and overcame this poor form of instruction. In hind site I learned a ton in this class.
Mobile SG Programming I – This is the MIT APP INVENTOR CLASS – This class is geared towards about 6th graders and does not belong in a college learning setting. It is worthless as a programming tool. It was a lot of fun though and I spent a good amount of my time making things I wasn’t supposed to. The teacher thought I was nuts.
This is the cheesy crap they were teaching us

Here is where the Complaint number 4 comes in.

For 2015, I was receiving the GI bill and I had applied to FASFA for the Pell grant. I recieved the pell grant for both fall of 2015 and spring of 2016.
I applied for FAFSA Pell grants for fall 2016- I was awarded for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017. I was blissfully unaware of the dangers of this.
Congratulations, your FAFSA was processed successfully.
What Happens Next

  • Your FAFSA information was sent to the school(s) on your FAFSA, and they will contact you if they need additional information.
  • Your school(s) will use your FAFSA information to determine the aid you may be eligible to receive.
  • Contact your school(s) with any questions about your financial aid package.
    Your Student Aid Report
    Your Student Aid Report (SAR), which contains the information you submitted on your FAFSA, is now available online at the link below. Your school(s) will use the information on your SAR to calculate the amount of federal student aid you are eligible to receive.
    You should view your SAR and check for any errors by selecting the link below:
    LINK removed for Safety.
    If you can’t select the link, copy the entire link and paste it into the address or location line of your Web browser. Make sure you copy and paste the entire link, as it may appear on multiple lines. You can also go to and log in to view your SAR.
    Visit and click the “Help” icon on the FAFSA home page.
    Thank You,
    U.S. Department of Education
    Federal Student Aid
    When filling out the fall 2016 FAFSA the law had changed. We had to use year prior tax return. In 2015, I worked for LKQ and made a decent amount of money.
    In 2015, my wife and I reported 67,914.00 AGI. This was the number entered on the Fall 2015 FASFA.
    In 2016, we had to use the same tax year data due to the law change, even though I did not earn this amount in 2016. On top of this, the online form changed, and they corrected an error that the 2015 online form did not ask for.

    That’s right the 2016 FAFSA requires vets to report VA Disability pay! The 2015 online form did not. The school confirmed this.
    At this time I was 70 % service connected. Upon entering the amount into the online form, the school said I earned too much for the grants and upon review since it was also for 2015 and the data was the same I might have to pay back ALL Pell grants to continue school.
    The school decided the books were already closed for the 2015 data and I would only have to repay the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Grants. They gave me 10 days to pay in full, if I did not I was not allowed to continue school.
    I took out a credit card and paid it.

We had to be creative to get me my seated classes for FULL TIME RESIDENCE for the GI bill so my schedule is different then the curriculum.

Fall 2016 I took

CTI 110 – Web Programing and Database Foundations – This class was taught by Mr Reid. I was way beyond what this class was teaching.
This is the crap we learned.

Apples and Bananas

Apples and Bananas

My work from 2016 was a tad more advanced….
I was asked to assist financial aid dept in creating an online tool for calculating SAP.
Here is my finished work. Mostly javascript, HTML5 and CSS3
They never used it and I spent days of my life coding this for the college for free for nothing.
The class was instructed to use this SITE GROUND Resource.. check out how well that worked.

I was not happy with this crappy hosting and offered these series of tutorials I made to the instructor who thought the students would not be able to do this kind of thing ever. So he stuck to the crappy service they were being offered for free. MIND YOU they paid for all students to have DREAMSPARK, which has this azure account free.

Large File Unable to embed… so link

This is where I started to question the Quality of the education.

CTS 115 – Info sys Business Concepts – this class was the Cisco Internet of Things Class – Pretty neat class – Nothing bad to say.
ENG 232 American Lit II – This was taught by Dr. Rollins and he became one of my favorite instructors. This is a great class.
Java – This was taught by Mrs. Honeycutt. She was brought on board to teach this but did not write the course she was hired to teach- this fact is her saving grace.

This is where the other points will start to be addressed.

This was a seated class, and I enjoyed her very active teaching style. She did well at getting the students to learn this stuff. Sadly for me I was way way way beyond this class already. I hung in there because she told me advanced java was what I was looking for.
Remember I had already written an entire game in Java, and I had already published a product for work in Java
I enjoyed this class even though I thought it was way to BASIC. Here is my still pretty good attitude about the crappy education I was receiving.
JStillings Java Final
Web 111 Intro into web graphics – this class was taught by Miss. Norris. She was a very shy teacher and I do not conform to social norms well due to my disability and it took her most the entire semester to smile. She has a background in publishing and we learned Photoshop 6. Pretty good class. I picked up a lot from her. Well worth the money.
This was my proudest work, we had to design a book cover from nothing.

Book Cover

And so ended Fall of 2016 – So far I felt that the Education was lacking for a computer programming degree but was assured that it would ramp up fast.

Spring of 2017 brought some new frustrations


CSC 134 C++ programming – This was taught by Mrs. Honeycutt. I was super upset this was not C# and .net framework. I breezed thru this class cause, they started all over AGAIN. Hi class this is a variable. This is a for loop. This is SO STUPID, WE WERE ALREADY TAUGHT THIS IN JAVA. Sure the syntax is different so what. You know concepts already go learn the syntax. This class pissed me off. Many many explosions via email.
Here is the final I turned in.. mind you we already learned all these concepts in JAVA last semester.

Other then that, the teacher had Serious issues adapting to Moodle. She came from a college that uses blackboard.

I spent probably 4 days back in back and forth’s in email teaching her how to use moodle.
Granted she was not the only teacher that had this issue.
MATH 110 – required by degree – Awesome teacher -They gave her shitty technology to teach with.

I now seriously questioned the quality of the education.
CTI 120 Network Security Foundations – This was a Mr. Royster class and since I already had most of this in the first year of my schooling it was relatively just refresher. But it was required for this degree so I had to take it. I do not recall any issues in this class because by now I could GOOGLE IT NOOB.

For any Royster class all students now know what the phrase ” Google it Noob” refers too, which is my many many emails sent to Mr. Royster about this teaching style, and were passed between students out of frustration looking for support. Mr. Royster has NEVER once said those exact words. This is a phrase we coined for his reply’s.

WEB 151 – This was that same damn MIT App inventor class again, but they changed it some so i had to retake it. Complete waste to time and money all over again, but they did add something kinda cool we got to play with MIND STORM.
Just in case your questioning how dumb this app inventor is…

I have no idea what this has to do with computer programming, but I had fun and it was a stress relief from the C++ class of arguing with the instructor.
have a look at the final battle.
This link will work till the college closes my GDrive.

Summer of 2017 brought more Copy and Type.

Classes were
Python – This was a Honeycutt class again, python is a newer language with really weird rules. While I dislike the language do to its loose rule set it, it is valuable to learn. We did not learn however, this was yet another copy out of a book into a IDE. I do not recall any issues with blow ups over stupidity in this class, by this point I can take any book and copy it very fast into an IDE.
CTS 285-40 Systems Analysis and Design – Another Honeycutt class. This was the paper work of programming – this was one of the easier classes for me because I already had this kind of education back in 94-95 at Hesston College. It was a lot of report writing for Use cases, User interface design, and Gant Charting. I am completely happy with this course and it is needed.
Psychology- Since I am mentally disabled these classes really excite me – Had a blast, learned a lot. Great teacher- Charles Gilmore.

This brings us to Fall of 2017 by now I have blown up over the crappy education in the programming department so many times most of the non tech teachers and admin staff know me.

This is also the semester that I killed myself

On October 14th, 2017 I took my life. It was my 19th wedding anniversary. I took 30 ZOLPIDEM TARTRATE 10MG TABs, and 360 PERPHENAZINE 2MG TABs. I left a sad post on face book and just waited. Somehow while dying I reached out to my sister, Stephanie Trump thru Facebook messenger. She told me to go unlock the door, so I did. I don’t recall anything else.
I was dead for twelve hours. In the darkness, God spoke to me, my pledge before him was complete, until death do us part, and I was dead. Time has no meaning in the darkness, one only exists, but not in your human form. And by darkness I do not mean it was dark like a closet when your sibling pushed you in and shut the door as a kid. I mean it was absent of light. It was as if there was nothing at all around me, yet it was full of absolute darkness. It was as if I could see 360 degrees around me and I was an infinitely small speck, spinning in a slow circle, searching for light, some specs will search forever, but not I. There were two lights not even six feet from my feet. The light was coming from them not behind or a reflection. As my spinning stopped, I was drawn closer. The lights were two men. They both wore shaggy beards, and messy hair, but they gave off light, and that is what I was searching for. The men had thick white robes on, and they seemed to be praying, but they were standing, hands not folded, hands not in the air, yet I could feel the prayer working. Time has no meaning in the darkness, but I was now in the light, and just like that I awoke. Alive, relieved of my marital vow before God. I was not a failure, but I would still have to go through with the divorce in the eyes of men. When I could focus, my eyes rested on my uncle Wes, and my Mother standing just how the two men of light stood in the exact spot. They were praying” Thank you Jesus for returning Jeremy”

After much searching I finally have found a picture of one of the men I seen. Meet Jesus! I believe the other man was my brother Eric.

What Jesus Looks Like

My search for why I was returned is taking me an on journey of transformation, but it was gradual and I did not always walk for Jesus like I should have. Now, if you are reading this, you are wondering what this has to do with the complaint.

Had I not met Jesus, The section labeled “The charge”could have GONE DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT.

This is another shining example of the poor quality of the education
My classes were
DBA 120 Database Programming – This class was taught by Mr. Reid and was done in Oracle’s stand alone Database software Oracle SQL developer. NO PROGRAMMING language was being used to interface to a database. This was a serious disappointment to me, but I soon learned that many students would struggle with this simple class on SQL. During this semester I did my Work Based Learning ( or Hell as I called it )
WBL 111 – the school had to create this for me as a seated class to be used for VA purposes of maintaining FULL RESIDENCY. This class was a nightmare. there was no curriculum. I worked for the college. what ever they needed that day, I did. I did research mostly into feasibility of things at first.
Here is some of the reports I had to produce.
To change what port apache works on

Windows 7 Install instructions

Later I would find these embedded in a class next semester… I felt used… It only got worse… the college wanted to know if they could merge Programming and mechatronics
Here is my report
Wayne Community College Computer Programming into Mechatronics Integration Feasibility Study

Now Mr. Reid saved me! He had me create a program for the Career Readiness Flight.
They were using a windows xp machine running Access to run some software that tracked a few pieces of data. It was over 10 years old and IT was telling them they had to get rid of XP and the access database would not run in Access 2016.
I decided to code this entirely in Java, against Mrs. Honeycutt’s advice and wishes.
I succeeded, but she hated my style of coding, my documentation and my lack of respect for her saying NO, because her worry was someone would have to maintain it and that someone would have to be her.
Here is the entire source code, I have a crap ton of hours in coding this, learning the concepts not taught and getting it to run in a Java 8.
To my knowledge they never used this software after completion and I have no idea what they did for the department that requested it.
In the time when I was not coding this manically, I was running the WCC Computer Help lab where I would reteach the concepts to students who came for help.
While this massive project was going on I had two other classes!
WEB 182 – PHP programming – Again this was a Mrs. Honeycutt class. It started rough as hell the install instructions were written for the schools windows 7 environments and they failed to work on our windows 10 machines. This class was frustrating as hell. We were basically copy and pasting from a book into an IDE. We did not learn PHP, we learned data entry.
Errors installing

I made the best of it cause I use PHP for work. PHP is pretty powerful but if you didn’t copy exactly the way the book printed it into your IDE you failed. NO creative liberty with doing it in current tech or new features.

The next class was just more Copy and paste bull shit.
Web Scripting – This was again a Mrs. Honeycutt class – this was all about copying HTML and CSS and one or two lines of Javascript out of a book into a Text editor. If it didn’t match the book you failed. I had MANY heated battles with her over this class.
Again our finals were videos so, here is my forced happiness

This brings us to Spring of 2018 and with that it is 5 38 am on graduation morning and I have no idea if I graduated or not. I am gonna catch a few hours of sleep, then finish this post for the VA.

Right now we are going to take a detour in the time line because it is 10:00 on Graduation Ceremony Day.

On May 9, 2018, at 4:31 PM, Jeremiah Stillings <> wrote:
Mrs. Morrisette,
Can you please inform me why I am not graduating?
The website states Below is a copy of the Graduation Letter that was sent to all graduates.
Here is a copy as of 10:12 am on 5/10/2018 just in case they alter it or remove it.

  • HOME

Graduation Letter

Below is a copy of the Graduation Letter that was sent to all graduates.
Dear Graduate:
CONGRATULATIONS on your candidacy for graduation! The administration, faculty, and staff of Wayne Community College wish you success in your future endeavors.
Graduation exercises will be held rain or shine on Thursday, May 10, 2018, at the Love Temple located at 201 North Oak Forest Road in Goldsboro adjacent to Chevrolet Cadillac Dealership of Goldsboro. (Please see map on the website.)
Due to our growing number of graduates, and in order to ensure that graduates will be able to invite as many guests as possible, this year there will be two graduation ceremonies held on this day.
10 am ceremony, May 10, 2018
Graduates in Applied Technologies, Allied Health, Business & Computer Technologies, and Public Safety
4 pm ceremony, May 10, 2018
Graduates in Arts & Sciences and Public Services
All graduates are requested to attend graduation rehearsal in Moffatt Auditorium in the Wayne Learning Center Building from 10 am – 11:30 am, Wednesday, May 9, 2018, unless you informed us you were not participating in the ceremony. Tickets for graduates’ guests will be distributed at rehearsal. Final numbers will be determined after all graduation applications are processed. Our hope is to have at least 6 tickets per graduate. (Previously, graduates were given 4 guest tickets each. Without splitting into two ceremonies, we would have had to go down to 3 guest tickets each).
Remember, this is a formal graduation. Tennis shoes, flip-flops and/or shorts will not be allowed. All graduates, men and women, should dress business appropriate. Absolutely no food, drink or tobacco products are permitted.
Students and/or guests needing special accommodations should contact the Disability Services Counselor prior to graduation to allow ample time for arrangements to be made. Call (919) 739-6729 or TTY (919) 583-8544 for accommodations.
The Wayne Community College website,, will include updated information about the graduation ceremony. Please check the website and refer family and friends to the website for specific information about the ceremony.
I look forward to seeing you at rehearsal on Wednesday, May 9, 2018, and also at Graduation on Thursday, May 10, 2018.
Joanna Morrisette
Associate Vice President, Academic & Student Services

I have not received this letter, or email, and now am of the belief that because I have not received this letter, I did not meet requirements to graduate.

None of my close colleagues who have applied to graduate have received this letter either.
I went to Admissions and Records today to ask if I was graduating. They told me they could not tell me and that the ceremony is just an ” open walk ” and that they do graduation verification AFTER the ceremony.
I stated that this was a process flow error and that people who have elected to ” walk ” have people coming to see them from possibly out of state. The idea that you can walk then a few days later find out that you did not complete the requirements, is going to put you in a law suit.
This is UNACCEPTABLE and the News Argus has been notified.

I added Mr. Royster to this email so he is aware of my actions as the college keeps a close eye on me these days…

Jeremiah Stillings
Wayne Community College, NC
Her reply
On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 7:56 PM, Joanna Morrisette <> wrote:
Hi Jeremiah –
It sounds like maybe there’s two different things in question: (1) walking in the spring graduation ceremony and (2) completing graduation requirements.
The letter you are referring to on the graduation website was one of many correspondences sent to graduates from Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 and potential graduates from Spring 2018 who indicated on their applications for graduation that they were planning to walk in the May ceremony. This information has been about logistics for the ceremony.
Spring graduates won’t be verified for probably another week. Final Spring grades were just submitted yesterday afternoon. Advisors have already done a tentative grad requirement check when the student submitted their grad application. The final step is for Admissions and Records to do a final check of grades and verify that all program requirements have been met. Once that’s done (again, about a week) graduation is posted in the computer and diplomas are mailed to Spring graduates.
So I’m piecing things together here but I’m assuming you indicated on your application for graduation that you weren’t going to walk in the spring ceremony and the concern is about verifying that you are officially a graduate?
Sent from my iPhone
My reply
From: Jeremiah Stillings <>
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2018 12:44 AM
To: Joanna Morrisette <>; Gene Smith <>; Glenn Royster <>;
Subject: Re: Please inform me?
You are correct I applied to graduate for Spring 2018, and selected to not walk in the ceremony. This is more of a concern of the process used for advising students they are on track to graduate. There is a serious, serious flaw in the current system.
Currently we apply to graduate very, very early in the Spring semester.
You state that “Advisors have already done a tentative grad requirement check when the student submitted their grad application.”
This does not take into consideration the remaining semester of work. Life can throw some pretty wild curve balls at students in this amount of time.
Right now, there is no student on the campus who can 100 % say they have been notified that they have met the graduation requirements and that by walking in good faith in the ceremony will receive their degree.
This whole, let them walk, then figure the grades out is way out of order. You are going to have students who received your ” Graduation letter” and who walk today who are not going to graduate do to any numerous set of circumstances that happened after the adviser’s initial eval.
I chose not to walk because I can not afford the cap and gown… that is my choice.
Your web page states there is hundred of students that selected not to walk, but they all know this graduation ceremony is today.
You took no action to notify them that they have met requirements and will graduate.
But some of these students who are walking have bought these cap and gowns, they have sent invitations to family and friends to attend, perhaps even ones out of state as you are near a military base.
Have a look at this.

Graduation Definition

Did you notice the ” SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION ” ?
You are not verifying this before the Graduation. You have a process flaw, that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
Those students that walk then find out they did not graduate should have grounds to sue.
Now, as to me? I changed majors in the middle of this semester.
I have ZERO CLUE if I met the requirements to Graduate. I have not received any formal notice stating that I have Successfully completed this degree.
I would really like to be able to tell my family that I did indeed graduate, but I can not do to no NOTIFICATION of such.
Frankly at this point, I am so tired of Wayne CC that I don’t care if I do. I have enrolled at Purdue. The News Argus is aware that you are Graduating Students in a ceremony that you have not verified the validity of.
I will be filling a VA complaint against this school.
As of the start of the 10:00 graduation ceremony, I have not received a reply from any on the to list.
I shared my frustration with a few of my fellow students and this one one of the replys from them from personal email.

“If you don’t have the time or money to verify whether or not a large number of people aren’t going to graduate, wait! That happened to a few students in SGD. It happened was something in the course had changed or they were one credit short, but they walked and had no idea. I think it took a little longer than expected for them to be informed. This pisses me off more than it should.”

SGD( Simulation and Game Development ) is one of the degrees that is scheduled for 10 am today, along with the degree that they probably think I am still in because they didn’t do any verification.
I will watch the video of it and see if they even announce people who elected to not walk, and if they do what degree they announce for me.
Business & Computer Technologies
Business Administration
Computer Programming and Development
Database Administration and Data Center Technologies
IT Business Support
Medical Office Administration
Network Management
Office Administration
Simulation and Game Development
System Security
More curiously I am interested to see who they award the WCC’s first ever Honorary Associate Degree to …
WRAL and News Argus was notified of this situation last night, as of 10:00 this am their web sites to not reflect that they are doing anything with the story.
Breaking news from an attendee:
“I didn’t catch her name but a lady just said that all the people who are getting called now have been verified to pass and graduate. Then started calling off the honors students.”
Yeah that’s the Pay to Win program called

Pay to Win

I have been invited 100’s of times. I refuse to pay to win.

Well back to the past that is leading up to this event.

Spring 2018 – This is where the story really starts and just so I can stay sane while documenting this part. I am bumping Britney Spears… cause.. its Brit.

My courses were, and I say were, cause they will change half way through this semester.
Abnormal Psychology – This again is one of my joys at college- I was able to give first hand experience with a disease the class was studying. Schizophrenia. Mr. Reboli is a God sent to these students. There is no student that didn’t learn more about themselves or a family member. Best class in the entire college and should be mandatory for any degree, because mental illness is something that is real and is in the world.
Here is one of the projects I did for this class and was allowed to read aloud to the class.
A Beautiful Mind Reflection

Creative Writing – This class was instructed by a man that I grew to really admire. Mr. Dean Tuck. I took this class to improve my Search Engine Optimization skills for web site design. What I received was life changing. We learned how to write flash fiction, short stories and different forms of modern poetry. This class was ALOT of work. (I am leaving the misspelled word ALOT because I still feel that is correct even though WordPress wants this- a lot.)
We took first drafts to workshop where we had 21 peer reviews. The final project was to loose a 3rd and gain a third in some of the work we did.
My final report can be found here Final report
I published one of the stories this class helped me write on Amazon.

God's Customers

This was one of the most enjoyable classes I have ever taken. It grew me as a person. It grew my confidence. It grew who I was becoming.

Successful Project Management – This was a class we were promised by Mrs. Honeycutt back in Java that would not have a book. All this changed the day we signed up. It was now being taught by Mr. Royster and was a mindtap class. I did not have money for the Software for the class and using my brain quickly learned that mindtap offered a 14 day trial and the entire course was unlocked. I had Project Management at Hesston College. I stopped to watch some of the videos, and Laughed for 20 minutes at the absolute crap they were teaching. I was not even going to waste my time with this class. The trial allowed infinite guesses to get the right answer. I did the entire course in a matter of an hour or so. I took the final based on my knowledge from 1994, and passed this class. I never bought the software. HIGHLY exploitable. This class is a complete waste of money.

Advanced Java – This class is what I was promised by Mrs. Honeycutt that I was awaiting for for 3 years now. This class was a living hell. This is where this story really starts.
I am going to have alot of things to say here so I will do it in dates.

Jan 2 class started- We were using the same E book from the first java class and this E book was broken- I went and purchased the PDF of the entire book.

I shared it with the class on Jan 4.
Mrs. Honeycutt did not address this issue until Jan 9th This was way after the first assignment was due.
I already solved the classes issues with this.

Email sent to the class

from:Jeremiah Stillings <>,,,, Jason Wilson <>,,, date:Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 10:10 PM
subject:Advanced Java – ETEXT access is dorked. Here is a link to my PDF of the book

5 Days Later!!!

Jenneth Honeycutt <> Jan 9 Scholars,

Our EText is not displaying in myProgrammingLab. A “404-Page not Found” error message displays when you try to access the EText link.
I have just gotten off the phone with Technical Support and was given the following solution.
Go to
Here you will see the Pearson eText Bookshelf. Scroll down until you find our book. (“Starting Out with Java From Control Structures thru Objects, 6th Edition.) The book has the image of a pineapple on it.
Click the book to access the EText for our CSC 251 class.
This should give you access to the textbook material.
Mrs. Honeycutt, instructor

We were using this crappy software called MyProgramming lab. Here is how this went

Mrs. Honeycutt, The lab is wrong on this one. It asks you to compute the area of a trapezoid with base lengths 3 and 5 and height 5 The answer should be 20 and the software is looking for an answer of 17.5.

Print Page For jsstillings9619@student.waynecc (1)

Jenneth Honeycutt <>Jan 8

Thank you for your email.
The good news is the formula is correct to calculate the area of a trapezoid, but the output is not. Let me know if it dings your program as incorrect because it expects a different result.
Jan 8

Yes the software will not allow successful completion of the task due to it looking for an erroneous result.Thanks,
Jan 8

Ok, I’m taking it out. Thanks!

Jan 11, 2018 – The college tells me I already graduated

Reg Graduation Congrat’s Ltr

Rebecca Barnes <> Jan 11

Dear Jeremiah ,
Congratulations, you have been approved for graduation for the
Fall Semester, 2017. If you have questions, please contact the
Office of Admissions and Records.
The Office of Admissions and Records
Jan 11 to rfbarnes

Rebecca, So you are saying I graduated at the end of last semester?
Rebecca Barnes <> Jan 12

Yes, that is correct.
Jan 13 to Rebecca

What did I graduate in? I am in the Computer Programming Degree which has not even been in existence long enough to have graduated.
Jan 13 to Jenneth, Glenn

All, Any idea why the business office thinks I Graduated?
Jan 16

You graduated with two certificates.
Jan 16 to me, Glenn

We filled out the graduation application to apply for Graduation for the Spring 2018 semester. I’m not sure why you’ve gotten approval for the Fall 2017 semester. A typo perhaps?
Jan 16

DON’T use the word Graduated for a Certificate…. I am sure many people are super happy to get a Certificate and be told they Graduated… Well, it scared ME! Graduated, to me means your DONE.. that’s it . Over Finished. I knew I was not done my degree,and therefore could not have Graduated Thanks for the clarification. Jan 16 to Jenneth, Glenn

Rebecca emailed me early this am to tell me it was 2 Certificates that were completed that caused that email to be sent. All is good!

Glenn Royster <> Jan 16 to Jenneth, me

It looks like you completed classes that completed these certificate programs: Cybersecurity Concepts Certificate Systems & Hardware Support

Glenn Royster, MSA
Bell Distinguished Chair Award Winner, 2015 Department Chair, Information Systems Technology Wayne Community College, Goldsboro, NC Phone: 919-739-6879 See WCC IST students in action at
Click here to Reply, Reply to all, or ForwardOn Jan 17th, I shared some of this transformation that I discussed in the creative writing section with Mrs. Honeycutt.

Personal: I thought you might enjoy this

Jan 17

Wayne Community College, NC

Jeremiah Stillings -The Lessons

jsstillings9619 <> Jan 18

Yes. My published works can be found on Amazon by searching my name. Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S7 active, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone ——– Original message ——– From: Jenneth Honeycutt <> Date: 1/18/18 10:25 AM (GMT-05:00) To: Jeremiah Stillings <> Subject: Re: Personal: I thought you might enjoy this Thanks! Did you write this? Jenneth Honeycutt Instructor, Computer Programming Wayne Community College 3000 Wayne Memorial Drive Goldsboro, NC 27534 Office: Spruce 225-C Telephone: (919)739-6888 Jan 18
Danny wanted me to let you know he’s at the hospital. Baby is here. Date: 1/18/18 10:48 AM (GMT-05:00) To: jsstillings9619 <> Okay, thanks! I enjoyed reading it! Attachments area

Jan 19

They are due to be released at Noon. I will let him give ya the details, they are his to beem pride about! On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 8:46 AM, Jenneth Honeycutt <> wrote: Oh wow, that’s fantastic news!! I need details, please!!!

Click here to Reply or ForwardI want you to note Mrs. Honeycutt and I have a pretty good relationship at this point.
Feb 5th 2018 – My battleCSC 251: Chapter 10

Feb 5

For the next 2 weeks, we will be in Chapter 10. I’ve added some extra resources (source code and videos) not found in the book.
There are lots of valuable topics in this chapter, specifically INHERITANCE!
Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Feb 5 to Jenneth

I am in an ongoing battle with Pearson support over the link to Chapter 10 video note being broken. I have lost most of early saturday (1 am to about 5 am)and all day sunday to this issue. FYI NO one can do the assignment as instructed. Person is aware of the issue and is being totally retarded in fixing it. Yes, I did turn in the assignment by just coding the words from the book into a program. On a note about the test. Unless I totally misread the questions they ask which overrides then only give overloads answers. think i counted about 10 confusing as all get out questions. Expect low grades on this test. Chapter 10 video Broken Link
Pearson Support now thinks I teach this class because I am actively handling the issues with it and the teacher is not. Conversation opened. 12 messages. All messages read. Move to Inbox More Case Number 04076847 : MyProgrammingLab – Cannot access video note [ ref:_00Db0e0e2._5000N1P6LTm:ref ]

Inbox x Honeycutt Pearson Customer Support <>

Feb 4 to me

ref:_00Db0e0e2._5000N1P6LTm:refJeremiah Stillings <>

This is due Thursday…. and no one in the class can access it.

FYIJenneth Honeycutt <>
I tested the link this morning, and it appears to be working fine. Are you still having problems with accessing the video? Please let me know at your earliest convenience, thanks!

I am not reprogramming this entire thing… Ill take a Zero. Too pissed off to redo it.
Sorry that you’re upset.
If you will go through myProgrammingLab, you can access the video that way.

The links all work. I’ve tested them both in myProgrammingLab and in our Moodle site.
Hang in there!
That is amazing. I wonder why support didn’t point me there? I have to laugh now or I will cry…
Please laugh! Choose laughing!!

Hello Jeremiah,
We do apologize for the frustration that this issue has caused. Our team is still working to resolve this error at this time. Once we have heard back from them regarding the error, we will let you know as soon as possible.
We got it handeled

Hello Prof Stillings,
I’m glad to hear you found a work around. Thank you for letting us know.
————— Original Message —————
From: Jeremiah Stillings []
Sent: 2/8/2018 7:31 AM
Subject: Re: Case Number 04076847 : MyProgrammingLab – Cannot access video note [ ]

After this nightmare I started to check the remaining assignments for errors

Chapter 11 link is wrong on moodle Dear Jeremiah Stillings, Thank you for contacting Pearson Support. Your case number is 04076847. Thank you for your response and I apologize for the frustration. I will now forward this matter to our support team and be reviewed for the best resolution available. Once we have more information regarding this error, we will let you know as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience! Should you experience additional problems relating to this issue, feel free to reply to this message so we may assist you further. For your convenience, visit our Pearson Support website for more information. Thank you again for contacting Pearson Support. Raychel Pearson Technical Support Please do not remove the unique identifier in the subject of this email when responding to the message as this may cause a delay in our response  

Feb 5 to Pearson to Jenneth Feb 6 to Jenneth Feb 8 Feb 12 Click here to Reply or Forward

Feb 5

correct link found here Feb 6

Fixed, thanks! I was now doing the teacher’s job
Feb 7th she allowed a test review

Adv Java Chapter 9 Test question
Feb 7

Mrs. Honeycutt, Can you explain why this is wrong? I don’t get it.

test question for chapter 9
Chapter 9 Test question why is it wrong

Feb 7

So I found it in the book. Sometimes a string will contain a series of words or other items of data separated by spaces or other characters. For example, look at the following string:”peach raspberry strawberry vanilla”This string contains the following four items of data: peach, raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla. In programming terms, items such as these are known as tokens. Notice that a space appears between the items. The character that separates tokens is known as a delimiter.By not including the “For example, look at the following string:”peach raspberry strawberry vanilla” This string contains the following four items of data: peach, raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla”. The context of ” items such as these ” is then left to reference the last items spoken of and not the first series of words spoken of.Therefore, items such as these = items of data separated by spaces or other characters to which the correct answer is Delimiter.I can have a few English teachers look at the question and give me an answer as to what ‘items such as these ” refers too, maybe I am nuts?

Feb 7

Sorry for any confusion regarding the semantics of the sentence!

Adv Java Programming. Test 8

Can you please explain why this is wrong?

Chapter 8 test Question wrong

everything I can find states

Feb 7

The answer should be b: the method has access to the object that the variable references Remember, you are passing a reference variable. The reference variable will hold a memory address pointing to the object itself. Not a copy of the object.I hope this information is helpful!

Feb 7
I gonna have to disagree, cause EVERYTHING I read says other wise.
Pass by Reference :
In the pass by reference we are passing the reference (reference to memory location) of the object not the value. So the calling parameter and method arguments both are pointing to same memory location, so change made to the values will affect both the caller and callee.
i.e In case of call by reference original value is changed if we made changes in the called method
In java there is no Pass by Reference “
Pass object references by value – using Reference data types
Java copies and passes the reference by value, not the object.
But these passed reference are just copies of the object references, not the original Object.

public&lt;/strong&gt; &lt;strong&gt;class&lt;/strong&gt; Employee {
&lt;strong&gt;int&lt;/strong&gt; number;
String name;
&lt;strong&gt;public&lt;/strong&gt; &lt;strong&gt;static&lt;/strong&gt; &lt;strong&gt;void&lt;/strong&gt; increment(Employee emp) {
emp.number = emp.number +1;
&lt;strong&gt;public&lt;/strong&gt; &lt;strong&gt;static&lt;/strong&gt; &lt;strong&gt;void&lt;/strong&gt; main(String[] args) {
Employee e = &lt;strong&gt;new&lt;/strong&gt; Employee();
e.number = 1001;
Bull Shit answer from teacher

Feb 7

Ok thanks!

Feb 7

I just wanted to say thank you for being a responsive teacher I know my inquiries are very odd sometimes and I’m wrong 99% of the time but I think I’m right 100% of the time and that has got to be frustrating to deal with

Feb 8

google mail dot

It’s all good! Thank you for caring about your work! I appreciate your work ethic and concern about your assignments. 🙂

By this date, Mrs. Honeycutt was changing – She was becoming increasingly angry with me, and I sent the thank you sensing her frustration with me


To date I have applied to two jobs the College has asked me too.The first was to the Wayne County Government for the Role of Web Admin for the New Maxwell Center.9-14-2016 was my application date. I was not hired, and to this date Maxwell Center does not have a web admin nor updates on its web page since its opening.

This is the second job I applied for.

Position Vacancy Announcement

Feb 12

Thank you for this email, I am applying now!

Click here to Reply or Forward

This job was just closed April 30th. I was not hired.

ApplicantOne <>

Apr 30 (10 days ago)

google mail dot

Thank you for applying for the Web Content Specialist at Wayne Community College. During the selection process, each applicant’s knowledge, experience, training, and education are examined in an effort to match qualifications with requirements of the position. After careful review of all documentation, another applicant has been selected to fill the position.
We appreciate your interest in seeking employment with Wayne Community College.
Sincerely yours,
Human Resources Department
Wayne Community College

Feb 20

Feb 20

google mail dot

Computers and coding keep us humble, don’t they?


As you can see, I still have a pretty good relationship with her.

Spring 2018 – Part two

March 5, the new Capstone Project was opened in Moodle – I was in horror at reading the requirements.

Mar 6




google mail dot

Mrs. Honeycutt, I dropped the course. I have a year to take it elsewhere and transfer it to Wayne to graduate in computer programming. I will be graduating in it systems support this May. Problem solved.

Here is the facts of this capstone. I submitted the first two assignments.


Here is the Syllabus

CSC 289 Syllabus_Spring2018_Online

Here is the welcome video

The Course information for CSC 289 and project contract part 1 and 2 will be uploaded asap. They removed my access to them when I transferred out of this Degree.
Files provided by classmates that I left behind to fail…

CSC 289 Project Contract

Now mind you we had to sign that we understood Project Contract Part 2.
It was not even Unlocked We could not see what it was.

Part 2

Now you can see why a guy with a service connected Disability called Schizoaffective disorder HAD To drop this program The Assignment was NOT completable.
Mr. Royster met with me and as I showed him everything he agreed to transfer me to Business IT support degree and place me in that capstone instead.
This left me still in Advanced Java- But now I was angry as hell about this capstone project being so uncompletable that I had to drop the degree in order to prevent myself going into psychosis.

The Charges background

Advanced Java was in chapter 14 – The assignment was this Image viewer problem

Now I am totally out of this degree that was my dream since age 16. I decided to really show the teacher what I thought of this forced change. I can program circles around this college.

I did the assignment, but I added my twist. Remember copy and type is all that is allowed. So this was going to get a zero for not matching the video.. But I did not care.
First I had to select the perfect image to show my discontent.
I googled Midget Clowns in Gif.
I stopped at this one and really thought it was funny… but I decided not to use it.

Here's Johny

Still searching for the perfect Gif to show in the viewer… I found it by clicking Little person tag in the bar.

the list of images

Did you guess which one I picked?

Her Surprise!

This gif comes off the popular website called Tenor. They offer funny stuff to embed in social media.
In case you did not know this is Danny DeVito in Taxi… Which was aired on live TV in the 80’s
Here is the assignment as I turned it in… I got a zero on it as expected for not matching the copy and type code from the video…
The project that brought the charge!
You need java to run this. If you don’t have it installed. The install link is here for windows 10
As you can see after you select the file, it auto displays my funny gif. If you select another one the program displays what you want.
I laughed when I got the zero and said it was worth it…
I moved onto the next chapter’s project.
This one was way different then the copy and type assignments we did in the past.

  1. Shopping Cart System
    Create an application that works like a shopping cart system for a bookstore. In this chapter’s
    source code folder (available on the book’s companion Web site at www.pearsonhighered.
    com/gaddis), you will find a file named BookPrices.txt. This file contains the names and
    prices of various books, formatted in the following fashion:
    I Did It Your Way, 11.95
    The History of Scotland, 14.50
    Learn Calculus in One Day, 29.95
    Feel the Stress, 18.50
    Each line in the file contains the name of a book, followed by a comma, followed by the
    book’s retail price. When your application begins execution, it should read the contents of
    the file and store the book titles in a list component. The user should be able to select a title
    from the list and add it to a shopping cart, which is simply another list component. The
    application should have buttons or menu items that allow the user to remove items from
    the shopping cart, clear the shopping cart of all selections, and check out. When the user checks out, the application should calculate and display the subtotal of all the books in the
    shopping cart, the sales tax (which is 6 percent of the subtotal), and the total.
    There was no video note. We had to code this by hand, and I had some questions.

Advanced Java Programming – Shopping Cart System – Due March 22nd 11:55pm

Mar 19

I would like to ask for clarification on this assignment.I am confused what ” Works like a shopping cart system ” means, in the Java programming environment.I am fully aware of what a shopping cart system details on a website. Here are some of the key details User authentication Database of wares offered, Pages to display the wares, search tools to find the wares. Most shopping carts are PHP based commercial software offered as a plug in for popular CMS. These shopping carts also offer SSL, 3rd Party CC payments thru Paypal, Stripe, Chase . etc.

These shopping carts offer sales analysis, customer history, database backups, receipt generation etc.These shopping carts took many months if not years to develop, I am not sure when this assignment was unlocked, but am sure it being due Thursday might be a big issue.The assignment states that given a txt file I am supposed to load it into a list component, But it never actually says we are using the Swing JList or the AWT List component?So which am I being asked to demonstrate the use of?Where do i load the prices as it clearly states only the title should show in the list.The assignment states that the user should be able to select, so this leads me to believe this is some form of Web enabled Java app. If not, is this a stand alone application for a BookStore Cashier who is simply looking at what is thrown on the desk for purchase and they click the title that is before them?How does moving an object from one List into another list make it a shopping cart?Does the original list still display the title or does it move it to the other list?Does removing the selection from the cart have to redisplay it in the original list?Are both lists supposed to be in the same frame?Can you provide a mock up of the GUI interface you would like created as I have numerous questions that could be answered with a quick picture of whats expected of the GUI.The assignment asks that we provide buttons or menu items that allow the user to remove items from the shopping cart list. where should these objects go? dispose?This assignment asks us to check out the USER. not the customer, so im still thinking this is a web enabled java app?Where is this app supposed to display the subtotal the sales tax and the total?Once this data is presented, does one have to connect to a CC processor like a real shopping cart to complete check out? SOAP REST API?How is this transaction being saved?Do we need to print a receipt? Email a receipt?where do we redirect the user to once a transaction is complete?

There may be more questions ahead but these are the ones in my head at the moment.

Mar 20

google mail dot
Image of completed work

This was the extra resource…

And 8 pages of psuedo code

Psuedo code

This was due the 22nd, had I not asked these resources would not have been provided…on the 20th. Leaving us 2 days to Code this…
This brings us to…

Finding out I was unemployable

I had been trying to find a job because graduation was coming up fast.
I had been applying to tech companies and finding out I could not pass the entrance exams to be able to apply.
Here is that journey that began March 14th.

The disconnect!

Mar 14

to Glenn, Jenneth

This is the disconnect I was talking about between what is being taught and what is being expected we know for an entry level job. This one is for a Junior java developer in east Raleigh. These are SS from the test, which by sharing is against the User agreement I signed to take the test, but if i don’t share what companies are expecting, how are we ever going to meet the requirements? You have 155 Mins to complete all tasks…

ARA tests
Ara Tests
Ara Tests
ara Tests
google mail dot

This is the job that required this. the job This is the test link

march 19th

Cant pass test

The Charge – March 21, 2018


Marlena Everett <>

Mar 21

Good morning Jeremiah, My name is Marlena Everett and I am the Director of Counseling here at Wayne. I need for you to stop by the Counseling department to meet with me as soon as possible to discuss a Student Code of Conduct Charge that has been brought against you by an instructor here at Wayne Community College. I am located in the Wayne Learning Center-WLC building in room 186 (near the front main entrance of WLC). The Counseling Office is open Monday-Thursday 7:45 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. and Friday’s 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. You will need to meet with me as soon as possible in regards to this matter.
Dr. Marlena S. Everett Director of Counseling/ Title IX Coordinator (students) Wayne Community College PO Box 8002 Goldsboro, NC 27534 Phone: 919-739-6710 Email:

Mar 21

to Marlena

google mail dot

Dr. Everett, I have been asked to wash my accusers feet on Thursday. Please ask her what time will work. She will understand.

Mar 26

I will swing by after class

Feet washing

Mrs. Honeycutt had filed a sexual harassment charge against me for the .Gif in the Image Viewer Assignment.
I met with Dr. Everette and she told me I was not allowed to turn in any more work for Advanced Java class. She also banned me from any contact with Mrs. Honeycutt.
Since I was not allowed to turn in my assignment that I worked on I posted it to my blog.

Take notice I did this in 520 Lines of Code… Her Psuedo code was 8 pages long…

The Meeting

Dr. Everett listened to my story of everything you read here up till this point.
I turned to the Lord for the wisdom to make it through this, up till this point I was answering all the questions out of ANGER!
March 25th was a Sunday and my Birthday. At Church we learned that Jesus washed the feet of the man that would betray him to his death.
I knew right then I had to go wash my accuser’s feet to make things right. The Lord filled me with the command to do so.
I emailed Dr. Everette this request.

The College would not allow this, but she listened with intent at my change of attitude and the what the Lord told me.
Mrs. Honeycutt is a Christian. She is a builder not a destroyer. If she filed this charge after the Journey we have been thru then I realized it was for a purpose. The Charge was filed almost two weeks after the assignment was due. So I knew she really struggled doing this. She was not happy with the program and I was being suborn about going to the Dean about it because I believed that the school would loose VA funding and some programs at the school were OUTSTANDING like the welding program. I could not let my injustice stop another vet from reaching their Goals and I would not goto the Dean. I explained that she was told to file the charge by the Lord in order to put me in the position to speak with the powers that be to make the change. Dr. Everette looked at me like I was insane. Mr. Royster looked at me like I was a new person. He was watching me transform into what the Lord intended. A tool to fix the issues.
Dr. Everette told me I would have to meet with the Dean of the College.
I agreed, Mrs. Honeycutt’s part was now over, she served the Lord well.

Jeremiah, you did it! You’ve earned an invitation to become a Phi Theta Kappa member. You’re accomplishing great things at Wayne Community College, Goldsboro Campus, so we invite you to become a member of the Upsilon Chi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I am being charged with a crime. How in the world do I qualify for an HONOR society?
Mar 25

to Joanna

I will be there. Thank you


I created my report for Dr. Smith, I did not take a liking to the woman who I think was Dean Tracy Schmeltzer, as she just sat there the entire meeting with a confused look on her face like she wished I would shut up. She may have been this lady though,Joanna Morrisette, I do not recall as her presence in the meeting was that lacking.

The Report

Hiring Report

Back to to now, May 10th, 2018

The college has still not replied to my email posted earlier about graduation.
But I have got some really bad news just a minute ago.
I earned 110 credits, granted some were transferred in, but since I applied to Purdue Global to finish this degree.
This prove my complaint number 3. Accreditation
From: Fernando Acosta <>
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2018 2:03 PM
To: Jeremiah Stillings <>
Subject: Result of Evaluation

After a quick review of the transcript 6 courses could transfer over, but as I told you before I am not sure what classes they are.

More over, I know you have certifications that can transfer over credits such as your comp-tia cert which can potentially transfer over for 1 or 2 courses such as network concepts or network security concepts, which is dependent on which comp-tia you have.
I must admit I was a little disappointed at the review, but I know it was a quick overview. It can only get better with an official transcript and any certs you have.
Let me know if you would like to move forward so I can process the paperwork so you can get registered.
Fernando Omar Acosta
Military Admissions Advisor
12650 Ingenuity Drive
Orlando, FL 32826
T: 407-208-5540
F: 888-318-3484

Notice where he states “which is dependent on which comp-tia you have.” Wayne CC did not make taking the Comp-TIA a part of the course. I do not have any Certs at all.

I believe I have stated just cause for all complaints on this Case VA12222
Describe Your Issue
Quality Of Education
Post-graduation Job Opportunities
Financial Issues (e.g. Tuition/Fee charges)

VA rep I am Finished Uploading.

Update: 5-14-2018 My email still has not been answered, so i thought I would use my education to figure out if I graduated.

Yes of course this was done in jest of the situation, but my entire education at Wayne CC taught me if I don’t know to “GOOGLE IT NOOB,” so I figured I would try to apply my education to this problem.
Here is the real answer.

Google did I graduate yet?

This still does not solve the process flow error that is discussed in this conversation.
I am still waiting for the mentioned emails about these programs being accredited.

5-17-2018 update

Still no emails about the accreditation.