Microsoft’s Digital Keys Saved the day

So hopefully you have been following the Saga of the lost

Last night I tried to use Uber and of course was locked out due to the being my verify address.

I wondered if the email address would ever be released again for use. So I checked and bam I was able to recreate the

I shuddered a moment, realizing  what I could do with recreating lost emails people have no access to yet are linked to their 2 factor…. The world is not perfect and I am thankful the Lord did not allow Mr. Mitnick’s like  to so to me.

Doing so made a new account but I can now authenticate all my online life that I had lost and MS was able to swap my Windows 10 Pro Key to my current account.

So back on Windows 10 Pro so I can code, yet with a lighter heart for the tragic things that happened, I guess it really does all work out in the end.

FYI still not using onedrive… 🙂