May 15, 2018

You all have been wondering if I stopped walking with Christ do to lack of posts.

Well here comes brutal honest truth. I kinda did stop walking, but not how your thinking. The Lord has been carrying me. Moving mountains. Changing me inside and my perception of who I am. He is showing me my ID.

First lets start this off with I am a man, I will sin, I will fail, I will falter.

I have been called to become an agent of change.

If you follow any of the other parts of my blog, you will find that I filled a very very serious complaint against the college that I was attending. I never wanted to file this complaint, ever. The outcome of this complaint could change the access Vets have to go to college in this town and I would never do anything to hurt a Vet.

All my life the Lord has given me a short tolerance for bull shit. I have always stood up and said what everyone was thinking but no one would. My entire military career I lead this way. I recently spoke to an Tech Sergeant who told me he still sees this as why he still looks up to me.  I tried to continue this method of leading when I left the Air Force and it was disastrous. I stood up and fought racial profiling in the hiring process. It cost me my job. I stood up for relationship building  of customers and clients in an industry that wasn’t ready to sell with love. It moved my position. This time I was fearful that if i stood up and was a “whistle blower” the outcome would be disaster for my fellow vets who use the GI bill to attend college.

I was angry sure, but learning from my past, I was not going to file the complaint. The Lord then had to force Mrs. Honeycutt to file a sexual harassment complaint so that I would be forced to talk about what needs to change. I didn’t understand at first, and I was very angry and confused.

So talk I did, yet no change was promised or hinted of as in work.

Once graduation came, I ran into the colleges flow process error and knew that I had to change that also.

I knew right then that the complaint had to be filed and that only by doing so will the changes happen.

So hopefully I gave Mrs. Honeycutt her due for following what must have been a really hard step to follow. Hopefully I gave the Lord credit for allowing me to be an agent of change.

Now you also noticed this post about MS office and how you cant beat MS. Well the Lord is using me again as an agent of change.

Here is what he just asked of me, and Corel.



I want you to really look into this. I want you to found and create a industry standard for office products for interoperability.

By creating an industry standard for office products, you are solving the problem of Microsoft wins. They will either have to join because it is a standard, or they will be forced out of the market because there product would  now be proprietary and consumers will see the power the standard brings.


I am not saying make your software open source. I am saying create a standard. Create a governing body that regulates the how office software is coded on the back end and how files are stored and opened and what programming logic is used to do so.


For instance, hardware does this all the time.


Look at the fight of HDMI. Look at the Fight of USB to win out. This was all done by making them a standard.

Change the software industry forever. Leave your legacy, IT was NOT WORD PERFECT 5.1


I want your company to lead this.



Jeremiah Stillings


So all this leaves me with a degree that is not Programmatically Accredited, and in other words, the industry calls them fake degrees.

So yesterday, I was asked by the Lord to show the college what it needs to do to bring these technical degrees they are offering into accreditation. Again he is using me as an agent of change.


Jennifer Mayo <>,
Glenn Royster <>,
Gene Smith <>,

If the computer programming degree is not accredited at a place like this then it is only institutionally accredited and means it is worthless and will not be recognized in the industry.

Right now, I am trying to transfer the credits I earned out of Wayne to  Purdue Global University and they are basically telling me they can not find any Programmatic Accreditation at all, and that nothing is transferable.

Please provide me what what you find on this for the  IT Business Support Degree and the Computer Programming Degree.


So I have done as the Lord asked of me.

This brings me to my current situation, I am unemployed, 100 percent VA disabled, my degree is now considered worthless, and Purdue is stating nothing will transfer, I have 7 months left on the GI Bill.

My VA pay is not enough to cover my monthly bills without working.

I have been asking the Lord where I am to work, and he has told me that I have a job, I am a webmaster at The Forbidden Arts.

I grew very angry at this, because right now this company is in it’s start up stage still. I am doing as commanded though, and we are working through our business plan to obtain a 7(a) loan.

My anger peaked when the business plan revealed that our model was unsustainable.

I went to church Sunday, I did not go to worship, I went to give GOD MY ULTIMATUM.

I sat there and prayed, God I am a fixer, I can go get a job and fix my situation, You forbid it. I am no fool, and will not disobey but TELL ME why you have me working at this company when the model is unsustainable. It is going to end in ruin. I then told the Lord, if you don’t answer me I am going the other way with this following thing and I will not come back.

Yup, I threatened God, I never said I was smart.

Luckily for me, I have a relationship with God and this is not a 1 way conversation. God gets mad at me too, and instead of threats he breaks me down so I see it his way.

So don’t go thinking you can give God ultimatum and win. This time he just overlooked what I said and answered what I was asking.

The Lord said to me “Are you not an Agent of Change?” I answered yes that is how you have used me.

The Lord then told me the answer. He said you have your numbers, GO CHANGE THE MODEL.


NOT in 1000 years would I ever have thought to change the model. EVER.

Business plans are created around a Model. They are not created then the model derived from it. But they should be.

So right now, we are changing the model, which will take time, time I don’t have.June 1 bills will be due soon, and I am fearful of not making them.

I want to go get a job to make these bills, I want to rely on myself. My elder, Julie, told me today that God has to break my dependency on, and she said the greek word for money that I can not pronounce, After praying about it, this is  what God is breaking me of right now in my life..


it means “someone (literally) “in love with personal gain (having money).”

So this has been a pretty wild month for me, personally, spiritually, and financially.

We will see what the Lord brings, for I will follow.