How to tell if your Microsoft Office is Legit after Windows Hello Log in

Windows 10 1803 pushed a new feature called Windows Hello.

Once logged with Windows Hello, you may find you no longer own Microsoft products.

This is how you check your MS office products.

UPDATE: I forgot that most of the world has forgotten how to use DOS…

Inside that, type cmd.exe and hit enter

now you should have a

Put your cursor in the box by clicking on it.

Type these commands

cd\ and press enter

cd program files (x86) and press enter

cd microsoft office and press enter

now we need to know what XX your office is

dir and press enter

this will give a list like this

See the box around the 16? that is your version


cd office16 or change the 16 to the number on yours and press enter.

Cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus   Be sure your placing a space between the .vbs and the /dstatus and press enter

the results are going to tell you your license status for MS office.

The important part is the License status  if it says anything other then Licensed then there is an issue with you legally owning office.

Depending on what your licensed for your remaining grace can say a few different things.

If a days is listed there then your in a subscription that is broken into 30 day time chunks.

What it does not tell you is how many chunks you have paid for… which can be a huge surprise when  your current time chunk runs out.