Gulf War Research

Ok so here is my research on the anthrax shots.

I dug deep and hard on this.All i can find is that the Va denied claims for service connection to tainted anthrax in 2012 vaccines.

Interesting finds in 2008

There is a 2014 report that updates the 2008 data

The posts that Bo linked are from a 2004 grant to Tulane University

Now here is the odder then hell part. The college posted this in 2002.

Fast forward to 2015. This study was done

The findings of this report prompted the va to create this.

The 2015 report linked the GW illness to exposures and not the Anthrax vaccines, even the reported tainted ones.

So now the Va will CONSIDER allowing you to file a compensation claim for these categories

Buried deep in the VA site is this page

They offer this

Which is NOT a compensation claim eval but it is what you have to do to prove you have

Once you have this exam done and all tests your va records will now show you have a medically unexplained illness and that is when you are to file a disability compensation claim which is an auto matic 100 %

To file your claim go to

Note: you will have to sign in with a level 2 account.

You will file a fully developed claim and in section for disabilities you will write in

Gulf War Environmental Hazards

undiagnosed illness

medically unexplained chronic multisymptom illnesses.

Next you will list your symptoms off this chart.

g.  Examples of Analogous Codes for Undiagnosed Disabilities The table below contains examples of analogous codes that may be used when evaluating undiagnosed illnesses manifest by the 13 signs or symptoms found in 38 CFR 3.317.  For the second code, use a DC with rating criteria that most accurately evaluates manifestations of the disability.   Note:  This list does not contain all possible analogous codes.   Reference:  For more information on the 13 signs or symptoms of an undiagnosed illness, see 38 CFR 3.317.
If the symptom is …Then the hyphenated DC is …
abnormal weight loss8873-7328, (resection of intestine).
cardiovascular signs or symptoms8870-7013, (tachycardia).
cardiovascular signs or symptoms8870-7005, (arteriosclerotic heart disease (ASHD)).
fatigue8863-6354, (chronic fatigue syndrome).
fatigue8877-7700, (anemia).
gastrointestinal signs or symptoms·   8873-7305, (ulcer), or ·   8873-7319, (irritable bowel syndrome).
headache8881-8100, (migraine headaches).
joint pain8850-5002, (rheumatoid arthritis).
menstrual disorders8876-7622, (uterus displacement).
muscle pain8850-5021, (myositis).
neurologic signs or symptoms8885-85__, (peripheral neuropathy).
If the symptom is …Then the hyphenated DC is …
neuropsychological signs or symptoms8893-9300, (organic mental disorder).
signs or symptoms involving the respiratory system (upper or lower)·   8865-65__, (respiratory system) ·   8866-66__, (respiratory system), or ·   8868-68__, (respiratory system).
signs or symptoms involving the skin8878-7806, (eczema).
sleep disturbances8894-9400, (generalized anxiety).

This info is pulled from here.

The va will then do their combined VA rating  on the percents of these symptom and should arrive at 100% if you selected the ones that are a 100 percent rating..