Google bot issue and other odds and ends of annoyance

Disclaimer: These are personal views and are not statements of the company I used to work for or any company who will be my employer:)

I originally posted this for a google expert then removed it out of fear of them sending arms guards to silence me. Barry posted that Google in now working on the google bot issue now and I feel it is a tad safer to put it back up.. we will see:)

Original discover date was back in June 2018 but it took me months to find issue.

This is my weird establishing secure connection issue with Chrome.

This is a post off a webmaster discussion that got heated quick. I removed it when I honestly thought Google was going to take a card out of the movie Antitrust and I was going to be poor Teddy:)

Ever post something that might kill ya? I did…

This was just a video after a very frustrating time with Google Chrome locking me out of my bank account due to a new session per tab and when I dug to fix it I found this password thing. Probably not office safe:)

The classic password issue with chrome reported hundreds of times.