Links and ADA colors

Alot of business owners envision links being bright bold and branded to their favorite colors. Sadly this is not a best practice.The ADA law asks us to use these colors for links:link { color: #0000EE; }:visited { color: #551A8B; }:link:active, :visited:active { color: #FF0000; }:link, :visited { text-decoration: underline; cursor: pointer; }a:link[rel~=help], a:visited[rel~=help], area:link[rel~=help], area:visited[rel~=help]

Professional Work

Every one needs a portfolio of what they build right? Here is mine This was the my original Harvey’s moving company website design. Time to upgrade! Upgraded from static HTML to WordPress platform in 2015 Bigger and better Harvey’s! 8 Henry’s was completed in Dec of 2017 8 Henry’s Eye 1 Optical was completed in