April 14, 2018

The weekend is here! I forgot to turn off my alarm clock so the gong rang at 6, and I quickly returned to bed. People with sleep Apnea may relate to this, I forgot to put on my mask before falling asleep, yup was that tired! So after silencing my alarm, I remembered. Glorious sleep!

I woke up to a beautiful day outside and I took a walk barefoot to the mail box, knowing full well it was too early for mail, but I needed a destination.

The Lord’s voice was quit, but I saw and heard him all around me on my walk. Saturday’s are when a good portion of people have off work and  get to enjoy what God has made. I noted the new flowers planted by a neighbor, I noted the grass I cut the other day was already growing back, I noted the ground was warm to my feet, winter finally gone. God was everywhere this morning, changing the seasons.  I was content to let him work and sat down to do some school work.

As I sat at the computer, I realized that my Aunt and Uncle would spend the day working… what would they be working on? The message for tomorrows church service. Just then the Lord spoke to me quickly, “Spread the word of the message, invite people to come hear.”

I did as commanded and was thankful for the advanced planning my church does to make this a breeze.

In smaller churchs, I encourage Pastors to let the members know what the message will be about on Sunday on Saturday, so they can pray about it and invite those who they know may need to hear the message being prepared.