April 12 2018

The alarm clock sounded at 6 am as usual. I lumbered towards it and with a clumsy hand silenced its gong. I retreated to bed with one thought, I still have time, so I slept.

The window next to my head suddenly was filled with the sounds of scratching and the odd sound of a body bouncing between two glass panes.”I asked the Lord, what was that noise?” I looked out the window to see a wren that had flown in between  the maligned glass pane and the  internal window. It flapped and scratched but did not appear fearful. I thought to myself, if I open this window, the bird will fly in and the stress will kill it. As I prepared to arise out of bed, the bird looked directly at me and then up at the  gap between the  pane and the window, leaped flapped and was gone. Then the Lord said to me “You up yet?” I laughed and laughed, I had forgotten that Safelight was coming to fix my windshield at 8 am and if I slumbered I would not have been awake for it. I replied ” I am up Lord, thank you for the wake up call”

I jumped in the shower and my sin started to bleed. I have these things under my armpits called skin tags. A week ago, I was so embarrassed by them, I took scissors and cut them all off, I did not consult with the Lord about this. They bled for days on end.  The hot water made them reopen and bleed, the pain was very intense. I then prayed that God would forgive my sin of cutting my body and take them away. The Lord answered that he would not take them away. So I changed my prayer, I prayed that the Lord would allow them to heal. The Lord then told me, “I do not give affliction but set your path.” The blood stopped and the pain left, I then asked God “How can I be rid of these?”  His answer was pretty weird. The Lord answered “You already know.”

It hit me like a ton of bricks, I  have been spending time researching other peoples diseases and afflictions yet I spent no time on this affliction of mine. I was to research it.

As I dressed, my mother’s words came to my head,

Matthew 7:6 King James Version (KJV)

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

My mother  repeats this verse to me allot.

So I asked God if I was to share  anything today? The Lord replied “Bless the landing, and share with all who come”

So I sit now with a new category on my website, which in computer terms is a landing, that is blessed to the do the Lord’s work.

I will journal my walk going forward with the knowledge that God has my back and no words written will be able to be trampled or turned against me.


The day has past and I am home alone and the Lord is still. My research has been done. I will list the path I was lead too.

  • ID medical term of skin tags. Skin – Nonmelanocytic tumors
    Benign (nonmelanotic) epidermal tumors or tumor-like lesions
    Fibroepithelial polyp
  • ID Gene that causes this. CD34
  • Learn Gene Function of CD34 – http://omim.org/entry/142230#geneFunction
  • Learn Pathology of CD34 –  Learned of the Protein http://omim.org/entry/116806
  • Learned about the negative regulator of beta-catenin signaling called http://omim.org/entry/611731
  • Learned of the WNT
  • I then realized that God saved my life
    • Back in 2003, I was tightening a line on a jet with it running and the line broke and created a pin hole, the hydraulic fluid shot clear through my right wrist. It took years to heal.
    • In Nov, 2003 I went to the doctor for numerous tumors under my skin.
    • The doctors removed 11 and biopsied them, the cells were non cancerous, but the fluid in the center was red and resembled hydraulic fluid which is cancerous.
  • In laymen terms, these  tumors were basically the hydraulic fluid wrapped in fat and pushed to the outside of my body to keep me from developing cancer.
  • I then studied the pathology of this WNT and learned it was activated by GSK-3
  • I then found this chem that can turn it on or off https://www.scbt.com/scbt/product/gsk-3-inhibitor-ix-667463-62-9/;jsessionid=s1q6KqZQBlJuovdSnk77j6ptDq0UFGpDs9c8d55iAxfm8YrTiyBS!930113966
  • I then prayed and asked God, whether I should buy the chem and take it.

His answer was pretty quick, as I ran my hand over the numerous other tumors under my skin that hold the same cancer causing chemical at bay.

I think I can live with a few skin tags, Praise Jesus!