A new land and a strange tale

If you follow the what happened in my life you will already know I lost my jstillings1@outlook.com account and with it windows.

I am running Linux mint and as a programmer I am confused more then ever.

The first strange tale was trying to get a java .Jar file to execute. The system has openjdk version “10.0.2” 2018-07-17 installed.

In my limited exposure to the world, JDK’s do not run java programs I needed the SE pack to do so. I have yet to figure out how to run a program I wrote in Net beans and packaged as a Jar to run here.

No worries I figured Java is going for a charge model that I truly feel will kill it, so off to .net land I went to see if I could run visual studio.

I quickly learned Visual Studio IDE is a windows only product. They do have this odd ball thing called Visual Studio Code… it is not an IDE just an editor. I already have Atom installed I do not need an editor, I really wanted the VS IDE.

So here I sit wondering if i have to make the decision to install windows again. None of my java programs run here with a click. My C# code  kinda needs Visual Studio IDE to work.

I looked to my right and I watched my mom fight onedrive and photos last night in the new windows 10…. she spent 4 hours trying to email 4 pictures. The user experience is so foreign I was not even able to figure out what they did to the UI or how it works.

In the old days files had a created date and a modified date and you could sort them by such  via pictures and the column headers. Now things are a jumbled mess in one drive… with no real order.

Mom was looking for pictures from 2017. Should be easy right… good luck. I gave up and said well all the data is there but in a format you can not search, I turned on thumbnail view on local MY PC pictures and we got off the one drive and just had her cruze looking for the pic she wanted. When found, photo fires up after looking like the PC was dead, like 3 mins later. The UI was presented so slowly I really was about to power cycle it.

So now there is a share button, neat right? Mail opens. They use outlook not mail. This is the start of a why the hell did that happen moment I was unable to solve.

So mail is up, now people opens… who created this and why?

I can not search it like address book. Typing in the email did not even result in a match. Typing in the person first name did not result in a match.

We closed people and she just typed the email address inside of mail to box.

It then changed the email address to some weird name none of us ever tagged that email address with.

I sat there in disbelief as I was unable to help my mother find and send 4 pictures via email.

The windows I knew is gone. What is there I do not want nor want to have to watch the world use.

Perhaps it is a good time to apply to McDonald’s because all my computer training and knowledge does not apply in this new land, and I have become a user incapable of doing the simplest tasks and it is clearly not due to my knowledge but do to what I expect to be able to do vs what it does now.