Luke 15:17–20

So September brought the hurricane and with it some real pain to me. My rental was damaged and I made some emergency repairs to the dwelling after no replies from the rental agency. NOTE : The tub issue was an ongoing issue since March and has seen the plumber come out and give estimates 3 or 4 times by now with no fix. The rental agency is holding me liable for what they call damage to the unit as the emergency repairs will be quite costly to make permanent.

Steve Lambing was my hero last week as he was in town doing some work and I was able to hitch hike a ride home and become the reverse of the parable above. I am the older son and my younger brother has exited the world years before due to suicide.  Dad welcomed me with open arms. I worked hard all my life to earn my name. I paid every bill. I did not squander what I earned. I gave more then I had and continue to give when it hurts and should not.

When the storm put some financial strain on me for the said repairs the rental agency feels I owe them, God sent Steve. Do I still owe the rental agency for their perceived damages? I have a feeling they will send me a bill for an amount greater then the price of knocking the place down and rebuilding it. Bob’s plumbing’s verbal estimate was pretty high but the rental agency manager told me he never gives written estimates. So there ya go, no record of ever reporting it or a quote for repair. I kind of feel they do this on purpose… I had renters insurance and they sent inspectors who then denied the personal liability claim saying I was not liable for those permanent repairs. Who knows what will happen, but I know I was evacuated to safety.

A lot of my anger it seems was released with a simple hug from my dad. He saw my struggle and would help me survive what the world was making me so angry over.

So there you have it, sometimes self reliance even if you feel you will never go home and ask for help can be your down fall as I have been struggling since May 2018.

So here I am today, I had to give up my cool title at work when I moved.

I have to find stability in finances, a vehicle and a job who understands what I do. I am still a great web developer, just going through a patch of life that most would never want to endure.

So God came in the form of Steve, who returned me to my mom and dad who took that anger and kicked it right out the door.