July 21, 2016

Web Sites

I have been dabbling in web site design since my early years, and the technology has surely changed over the years.

The sites hosted here are time machines to the way they were designed back then, and no sprucing up of the old sites was done.

  • 2001
  • 2001
  • 2011-2014
    • I upgraded my technology! I bought Adobe Dreamweaver 5.5 – It took me many months of playing with this software to learn it.  I did not have the PHP programming background yet, so I paid a programmer( Peopleperhour.com) to make the Custom DKP System you see on the following website. This was my biggest project I had done to date. The Forums and Blog were lost when I let the web server expire and failed to back up the databases.  They were recreated but no information was added. I learned a pretty valuable lesson about back ups from this project.
    • Web Site for EverQuest Guild
  • 2014
    • This is a web front end for an application I wrote for my job at LKQ eBay Sales.  This is when I learned JavaScript.
    • It parses a daily .csv file of what is sold and displays the important information to the Sales Reps.
    • LKQ eBay Dash Board
  • 2015 – Current
    • This is a walk through site for Everquest’s newly released The Broken Mirror Expansion
    • Narogg’s Place was born. – External Link due to being a Live Site.
  • 2015- Current
    •  Pro Bono Site for a fellow student who was starting a business. This is now the biggest project I have done.
    • Web Site for Harvey’s Moving Company – External Link due to being a Live Site.
  • 2016
    • Building on my JavaScript knowledge from the LKQ project, I was able to create this neat project for Wayne Community College.
    • It is a Satisfactory Progress Calculator designed to be used by the Financial Aid Dept.
    • Financial Aid is in the middle of testing it to make sure it works for their needs.
    • SAP Calculator