June 24, 2016



If you landed on this page, it is a good bet that I have applied for employment with your company.  Here you can get a glimpse of my early years all the way up to my current projects.

While reviewing my application for employment, may I point out that I am a little older then most college graduates.

The Air Force put me through Computer and LAN Administration training in early 1998. I learned Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and all the networking  skills for classified to unclassified systems.  The Air Force was moving away from Wyse Terminals to Windows 98 machines and I converted my entire Squadron from a IBM token ring to a Cat 5 Star topology in early 1999. I served as the LAN admin/ Computer Help desk from 1997 to 2000.

In early 2000, I ran a one man company named By Request Only, that did network installations, computer upgrades and customer computer builds.

I enjoyed the work, but my primary duty as a Crew Chief on the F15E in the Air Force had me deployed to often to make a real go of it. I closed up shop and gave the mechanic job that I was assigned my all.

In 2008, I became medically disabled for active duty and was retired from the Air Force.  For a few years after I “retired”, I struggled to find my place in the civilian world. Nothing I tried, seemed to have the impact that serving in the military did for me. Luckily, I ended up at LKQ in La Grange, NC who’s leadership realized that I had some computer skills and they ignited my flame to relearn it all and become current. LKQ put me in roles where I could use my computer skills to better the company. That was the kick in the pants that I needed, and I realized I needed to chase that dream I started back in 2000.  I worked for LKQ until I paid down my bills to the point where I would be able to take advantage of the GI Bill that I earned while serving in the military.

I started attending Wayne Community College in 2015 for Computer Information Technology. I was sadly disappointed. Most of the instruction was on old hardware or so basic that I was beyond it. I did learn that I enjoy coding much more then slapping together people’s 2005 computer. Feeling that I needed that degree to prove my worth, I stuck with the program.

In fall of 2016, Wayne is opening a new Computer Programming and Application Design Degree and after much thought I transferred to the new degree. I expect to graduate in spring of 2018 as a computer programmer.